(A Walk in the Forest)


With nature at the core of her artistic vision, Juliana draws inspiration from natural textures and structures to create her captivating works. After meticulously observing, discovering, and collecting elements from the natural world, she transforms them into thought-provoking art.

AWitF a series of ceramic sculptures, handcrafted by the artist, and showcases her exceptional skill and attention to detail. Each delicate lamella is carefully connected to the main body, crafted from clay, in a process that requires hours of concentration and meticulous work. The resulting sculpture is both stable and elegant, despite its seemingly fragile appearance. 

The ceramic reflects the light of the room and casts captivating shadows that give the object depth and liveliness. These shadows not only highlight the shape and structure of the sculpture, but also trace its contours and emphasize its beauty. The interplay of light and shadow transforms AWitF into a work of art that combines functionality and aesthetics while celebrating the glow of natural light.

ceramic sculptures
various sizes
unique pieces
released: 2022

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